Syeda’s Story


Syeda was forced into marriage at age 16 in Pakistan. She went along with the marriage to her first cousin, a stranger to her, only after her father told her that was the only way she’d be allowed to attend college.

After her wedding, Syeda continued to live with her own parents, without her husband, and the family moved to the US. But when she was 25, her husband followed her to the US and moved in with her and her family – and he subjected her to unspeakable physical and sexual abuse. He also demanded that Syeda move with him back to Pakistan.

Syeda endured seven weeks of her husband’s abuse before her family threw her out of the house, because of her refusal to return with her husband to Pakistan. Syeda fled to a shelter.

Despite what she has been through, Syeda has taken control of her life. She is a college student, close to graduating with a bachelor’s degree, and she has a job. She managed to move out of the shelter after only a brief stay, and she has her own apartment. She owns her own car. She speaks English fluently.

Unchained now is working with Syeda to help her get divorced and end, forever, her forced marriage. A prominent law firm has generously agreed to represent Syeda pro bono.

“I’m so blessed,” Syeda said. “I’m so lucky I found Unchained.”

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