Unchained Club

PIC students holding unchained club banner 4Hey, college and high school students!
Do you want to join the fight to end forced marriage in the US?

You can do that by leading an #UnchainedClub chapter at your school.

#UnchainedClub helps you achieve three important goals:

1. Educate other students, teachers and staffers about forced marriage and make them feel comfortable talking about it

2. Show teachers and staffers how to respond effectively when a student facing a forced marriage asks for help

3. Raise money for the brave women and girls across the US who right now are fleeing forced marriages

Here’s how you can open an #UnchainedClub chapter at your school:

A. Find out how to get permission at your school to start a club

B. Recruit a faculty adviser (preferably one who is passionate about women’s issues and human rights)

C. Apply here to become an Unchained Club president and open a chapter at your school

D. Once you’re approved, Unchained will give you a step-by-step guide to running an Unchained Club chapter

Questions about Unchained Club? Submit an email here or call (908) 481-HOPE.

Unchained Club was made possible by a generous grant from the Westfield Service League.