Social Services

The brave women and girls who work with Unchained to leave or avoid arranged/forced marriages often need some help becoming emotionally and financially independent after the trauma they have survived.

Unchained provides these vital services, always for free:

~ Planning and implementation of escapes – including international escapes, in conjunction with the US State Department, for girls and women taken overseas for a forced marriage;
~ Safety planning;
~ Psychotherapy, supportive counseling and mentoring;
~ Career counseling;
~ Financial coaching;
~ Emergency financial assistance, for needs such as plane tickets (for clients escaping from a forced marriage overseas), food and winter coats;
~ Help finding shelter, avoiding homelessness and transitioning from domestic-violence shelters to a new home;
~ Transportation and accompaniment to court appearances, doctor and lawyer visits and and other stressful appointments;
~ Information and referral, where appropriate.

As the New York Times reported in March 2015: “Because the clients’ situations can be so catastrophic — forced at gunpoint to accept a marriage, raped by a husband, essentially imprisoned within the home as a domestic servant — Unchained At Last also provides mentoring, access to therapy and cash stipends for everything from basic clothing to English as a second language class.”

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