Unchained’s Executive Director, Fraidy Reiss, and other members of Unchained give regular presentations about forced marriage at temples, churches, universities, law firms, clubs and other venues. The presentations usually take an hour (an engaging speech for 30 minutes, and then questions and answers for 30 minutes), and they include:

~ A survivor’s personal account of her coercive marriage

~ A look at how “forced marriage” and “arranged marriage” happen in the US

~ A discussion of the overlap between forced marriage and human trafficking

~ An overview of Unchained At Last, including the services it provides and the brave clients it helps

~ A summary of the shocking child-marriage statistics Unchained found (revealed in a New York Times op-ed in October 2015)

~ A list of specific ways members of the public can get involved and help end forced and child marriage in the US.

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