Legal Representation

Most Unchained clients need a family attorney to fight for them through a contested divorce proceeding, often including a child-custody battle, as they flee from an arranged/forced marriage.

Most Unchained clients also are domestic violence survivors, and many of them need legal help obtaining a restraining order.

And many Unchained clients were brought from overseas and need an immigration attorney to help them obtain legal status.

Unchained provides women and girls with free legal representation for all of these and other legal matters they face. The organization is able to provide this invaluable service thanks to its team of generous Pro Bono Attorneys in states across the US. The Pro Bono Attorneys include some of the largest law firms in the world, medium and small firms and individual lawyers.

In New Jersey, Unchained offers a Legal Training and Mentoring Program that gives free training and mentoring to attorneys who commit to representing an Unchained client pro bono.

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