Law Enforcement Training

Unchained has developed an in-depth training program about forced marriage that it presents to law-enforcement personnel, typically at police academies. The program, which lasts about 60 to 90 minutes (depending on the academy’s preference), helps police recognize and react effectively in forced-marriage situations.

The program explores issues including:

~ What is forced marriage? What is arranged marriage?

~ How widespread is arranged/forced marriage in the US? In which communities does it happen?

~ Do current laws allow forced marriage? Do current laws allow child marriage?

~ How is forced marriage different from other forms of domestic violence, requiring a vastly different response from police?

~ How does forced marriage intersect with human trafficking?

~ Under what circumstances do police officers typically get called in to a forced-marriage situation?

~ What resources are available to women and girls in forced-marriage situations, to which law enforcement can point them?

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