Become a part of the first organization in the U.S. to help women leave arranged marriages.

Click here to contact Unchained At Last and offer to give your time in one or more of the following ways :

      • Representing women in family court (seeking matrimonial attorneys)
      • Serving as an expert witness for women going through a divorce (seeking accountants, child psychologists, education experts, etc.)
      • Researching legal issues (seeking lawyers, law students, etc.)
      • Counseling women and children as they reinvent their lives (seeking social workers, psychologists, etc.)
      • Helping women achieve financial independence (seeking career counselors, financial planners, resume writers, etc.)
      • Mentoring women through the traumatic process of leaving an arranged marriage (seeking women who have left their own arranged marriage)
      • Hosting fundraisers (seeking people who own large homes, restaurants or other venues)
      • Speaking at fundraisers (seeking keynote speakers and performers who can draw a crowd and/or people with access to such speakers and performers)
      • Recruiting TD Bank account holders to become members of Unchained, for the TD Bank program described above (seeking people who are friendly and organized)
      • Spreading Unchained’s message through social media (seeking individuals who are active on Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
      • Improving Unchained’s online presence (seeking web designers, SEO experts, computer geeks, etc.)
      • Starting chapters of Unchained at high schools and colleges (seeking passionate young people who dare to make a difference)
      • Supporting Unchained in areas not listed here (seeking activists of all backgrounds who have creative ideas and lots of energy)
  • Recruit your friends to do all of the above, too!