Become a part of the first organization in the U.S. dedicated to helping women and girls leave or avoid arranged/forced marriages.

Click here to contact Unchained At Last and offer to give your time in one or more of the following ways :

      • Providing free legal representation to Unchained clients (seeking attorneys — MORE INFORMATION HERE)
      • Serving as an expert witness for women going through a divorce (seeking accountants, child psychologists, education experts, etc.)
      • Counseling women and children as they reinvent their lives (seeking social workers, psychologists, etc.)
      • Helping women achieve financial independence (seeking career counselors, financial planners, resume writers, etc.)
      • Mentoring women through the traumatic process of leaving an arranged marriage (seeking strong, supportive women)
      • Getting legislation passed to protect women (seeking motivated, organized people)
      • Hosting fundraisers (seeking people who own large homes, restaurants or other venues)
      • Spreading Unchained’s message through social media (seeking individuals who are active on Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
      • Enhancing Unchained’s online presence (seeking web designers, SEO experts, computer geeks, etc.)
      • Starting chapters of Unchained at high schools and colleges (seeking passionate young people who dare to make a difference)
      • Supporting Unchained in areas not listed here (seeking activists of all backgrounds who have creative ideas and lots of energy)
  • Recruit your friends to do all of the above, too!