Unchained promotes social and legal change to end forced marriage, through education and advocacy. Unchained’s education efforts including training key groups and the public about forced and child marriage in America.


~ DV AGENCY TRAINING: Unchained has developed an in-depth training program about forced marriage that it presents to domestic-violence agencies.

~ JUDICIAL EDUCATION: Unchained has developed an educational program about arranged/forced  marriage that it presents for family-law judges.

~ LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING: Unchained has developed a law-enforcement training program about arranged/forced marriage that it gives at police academies.

~ UNCHAINED CLUB: Unchained encourages high school and college students to help end forced marriage by founding and leading Unchained Club chapters at their school.

~ CLE PROGRAM FOR LAWYERS: Unchained offers training and mentoring to attorneys who commit to representing an Unchained client pro bono.


~ PRESENTATIONS: Unchained’s Executive Director, Fraidy Reiss, and other members of Unchained give regular presentations about forced marriage at temples, churches, universities, law firms, clubs and other venues.

~ CHAIN-INS: Unchained hosts Chain-Ins where protesters, dressed in bridal gowns and veils, chain their arms and tape their mouths to protest forced and child marriage.

~ NEWS MEDIA: Unchained has been featured on television (including PBS, NBC-TV and CUNY TV) and radio (including several interviews on NPR) and in newspapers (including stories about Unchained and op-eds Unchained wrote that were published in the New York Times, Huffington Post, Washington Post and Star-Ledger). Unchained also has written op-ed articles in the New York Times, Star-Ledger and other papers.


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