DV Agency Training

Unchained has developed an in-depth training program about forced marriage that it presents to domestic-violence agencies. The program, which lasts about 60 to 90 minutes (depending on the agency’s preference), helps DV service providers recognize forced marriage and respond appropriately.

The program explores issues including:

~ What is forced marriage? What is arranged marriage?

~ How widespread is arranged/forced marriage in the US? In which communities does it happen?

~ Do current laws allow forced marriage? Do current laws allow child marriage?

~ How can a DV agency staffer tell if a client is in or is facing a forced marriage?

~ How is forced marriage different from other forms of domestic violence?

~ How does forced marriage intersect with human trafficking?

~ What unique obstacles do women face when trying to leave a coercive marriage?

~ What resources are available to women and girls in forced-marriage situations?

~ How can DV agencies make sure women from insular communities feel comfortable staying at a shelter?

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