Donate/TD Bank

Your tax-deductible donations help Unchained At Last to help women leave arranged marriages and to prevent women from becoming entrapped in such marriages.

Please click here to donate now or mail a check to:

Unchained At Last
231 North Avenue W #189
Westfield, NJ 07090

In addition, here is an easy and completely free way to support Unchained At Last’s efforts to help women leave arranged marriages:

Make your new or existing TD Bank account a “member” of Unchained. Once a year, TD Bank will calculate the average balance in all “member” accounts and donate a percentage to Unchained At Last — at no cost to the account holders.

This is how it works:

  • Click here to let Unchained know you are interested. Do NOT provide your account number or any information about your account.
  • When 200 people have told Unchained they are interested, TD Bank will begin the funding program.
  • At that time, Unchained will ask you to contact TD Bank to say you are a “member” of Unchained.

Further details about the program:

  • Unchained will NEVER get access to or information about the accounts of its “members.”
  • Eligible accounts include checking, savings, money markets, CDs and IRAs. Business checking accounts are also eligible.
  • You can make more than one account a “member” of Unchained. Please indicate the total number of eligible accounts you hold when you contact Unchained.
  • Click here to ask Unchained for more information.
  • Click here to ask TD Bank for more information – or call Edwin Rosa, assistant vice president at TD Bank, at (732) 388-1367.